APC Reporter

With APC Reporter you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of wrangling reports from PROMOD’s Report Agent again.

Who uses APC Reporter?
Utility Companies, Energy & Planning Consultants, Generation Owner/Operators, Power Marketers

View Results

Our interactive reporting tool guides you from high-level results to important details.

Renewable Basis

Calculate basis for thousands of units on hundreds of hubs in seconds.

Battery Siting

Find the most lucrative sites, or improve battery operation in your model.

Case Compare

Comparing PROMOD solutions brings your analysis to a whole new level.

Batch Mode

Automatically generate all your reporting without opening the program.

APC Calculation

Building new lines? Use the official ISO method to calculate APC.

Effortlessly pull data from PROMOD with APC Reporter. Analyze faster with clear graphs and tables.

APC Reporter is a complete replacement for Report Agent.

Up to 284%

increase in average battery net revenue

Up to 48x

faster basis and curtailment  reporting

Up to 99.2%

reduction in PROMOD reporting time

Accelerate your success with advanced and efficient analysis.

Simplify multi-scenario analysis with APC and PROMOD Analysis Tool. Directly compare values and data on one screen, no more manual Excel work needed.

Unlock new possibilities with PROMOD Analysis Tool and APC Reporter. Try things you wouldn’t have time for with the limited capabilities of PROMOD’s Report Agent.

Get detailed hourly LMP values and basis calculations for single site analysis using APC reporter.

Client Testimonials

The APC Reporter has saved me tons of time processing, reporting, and analyzing results from my PROMOD runs. It’s become an essential tool for my nodal runs. I’m not sure how I would run PROMOD without it now.

Daniel Burapavong


APC Reporter and the PROMOD Analysis Tool make it easier to directly compare values and data on one screen, versus doing manual work in Excel.

Sean Rogers

Professional in the Energy Industry

APC Reporter is great to use rather than report agent. [It is] faster and easier to use.

Bryan Ramler

Professional in the Energy Industry

I use APC reporter as a general replacement for all reporting from PROMOD – as I don’t have time to program and update my own output parser.

Delighted Customer

Professional in the Energy Industry