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A Reference Guide to PAS Support

Do you ever feel like your software providers just aren’t listening to you?
Not here. We’re committed to working with you to maximize your investment at all times. 

Most Frequent Questions

What does PAT stand for?

“PAT” stands for PROMOD Analysis Tool. Power Analytics Software sells three programs, (i) the PROMOD Analysis Tool and (ii) APC Reporter that work with Hitachi’s PROMOD nodal software and data. (iii) PAT Trader uses actual day-ahead and real-time market data from the MISO, SPP, and PJM. Check out the training video library for history on each program. Or book a demo here and hear it live.

How do I request access for a new user?

Email the Support mailbox ( with the user’s name and email address. We’ll take it from there. 

How do I report a bug?

Thanks for calling IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
If so, and you’re still experiencing the issue, take the following steps:
1. Take a screen shot of your full screen
2. Send us as much information as possible on the steps leading up to the issue
3. Upload your data to us
4. Send an email to the Support mailbox ( and include “Bug Report” in the Subject line
When we can duplicate your problem, then we can start to fix it. 

How do I request a new feature?

Email the Support mailbox ( and describe, in as much detail as you can, the functionality you would like to request. 

What are Pro-Tips? How do I get them?

We like to post Pro-Tips on our LinkedIn page to help our users get the absolute maximum value from our programs. Follow us on LinkedIn to see our weekly updates on your home page.

How do I book a demo?

You can book a demo right here. Choose from PROMOD Support Software and PAT Trader. Use the calendar to find the most convenient time for you. Get the invite and check this off your list!

Who uses PAS software?

Power Analytics Software provides software for transmission planners, generation developers, generation asset managers, congestion/virtual traders, and the consultants who serve them.

The next available demo or training isn’t available for weeks!

Sometimes our availability isn’t what you might hope for. If you need more schedule options, please send an email to and request some more calendar availability. We can meet at unusual times if need be.

Request Training

Use your own data during your training session!

On-Site Training

Tell me more about on-site training

Sure, our Training Video Library and 5-star Virtual Training is great, but nothing beats the personal touch and immersive experience of in-person training.

Get your team together for some on-site training with Power Analytics Software. Our expert trainers will come to your office and instruct you and your team in the flesh.

Why should I invest in on-site training?

Software and data are expensive. You need to deliver on projects as fast as you can while maintaining high quality. Investing in training is painful. It costs money and takes a lot of your time. But it pays dividends forever. Investing in training will make sure you are automating as much as possible, aware of all the tools and capabilities, and securing value by delivering quality results quicker.

How do I sign up for on-site training sessions?

Email for a list of available dates. Secure your spot early for the best availability. Options are limited and change frequently. Don’t miss your opportunity to elevate your skills and knowledge with our expert trainers!

Virtual Training

Can you tell me more about virtual training?

You can book a virtual training session here. License holders can securely share data with us to use in your next virtual training session. When we use your data, training sessions become MUCH more effective.

You can book as many sessions as you want, up to weekly. Our most effective customers meet with us every week to discuss their problems/opportunities and results from last week.

How do I sign up for virtual training?

No more painful back-and-forth with scheduling. Our calendar booking system makes it easy to find times that work for us both.

What is virtual training?

When you book a virtual training session, we send you a calendar invite and a pre-training survey. Let us know what specific topics you’d like to provide. If you so desire, we help you share your data with us to use in our training session. We host and record a Microsoft Teams meeting where we live-share screens, video, and audio. After the session, we’ll share the transcript and video recording with you. Finally we’ll send a post-training survey to help us serve you better next time.

Training Video Library

What is the Training Video Library?

Our Training Video Library is a password protected page on our website where you can watch training videos.

How do I request access to the Training Video Library?

Email to request access.

How do I access the Training Video Library?

Well, you are already on our website. Now scroll to the top of the page and click the Log In link. Enter your credentials to gain access to the Training Video Library.

I can’t see the videos on your website!

Are the videos missing?? When you log in to our website and visit the Training Video Library, are you only seeing blanks where you expect to see videos? If so, try to access with your personal cell phone. If you are able to see the videos on your phone, your IT security team has blocked the video content. Use your phone.

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Grow Your Business

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