Part of what makes PAS stand out is our quick response to customers.  With a constant river of suggestions on how to improve the program, we find ourselves frequently releasing new versions… sometimes a couple times a day. 

Now you can make sure you’re using the latest version thanks to Kalen Morey’s latest: In-app Updates!  Kalen is our newest developer and he’s already showing his stuff. Check it out:

For your information, we do MAJOR and MINOR releases:

Major Release:

  • We change the second #: PAT Trader
  • This is a serious bug fix or a large new feature/tool going out the door. 
  • These will be RED flagged in the program’s toolbar.  
  • You should immediately upgrade. 

Minor Release:

  • We change the third #: PAT Trader
  • This is a small bug fix or marginal improvement in the program somewhere. 
  • These will be YELLOW flagged in the toolbar and you can upgrade at your leisure.  

Fun Facts: We only change the first number when we have something earth shattering to release.  And the 4th number is reserved for one-off versions we send to individuals for testing. 

Moving forward, we’re going to start publishing version history on our website so you can keep track of the changes.