Today we’re excited to formally announce our intention to add a Security Constrained Unit Commitment (“SCUC”) optimization engine to the PAT.  Our customers are going […]
What if there was an entirely new way to model batteries? Instead of reducing total system costs across a huge network, what if the objective […]
We just made it a whole lot easier to use PAT Trader. Before now, you had to manually download all the RAW files and other files […]
We’ve greatly expanded the capabilities of the PAT’s Unit Siting Tool. Now you can model energy storage units in the nodal economic dispatch optimization. Calculate and compare […]
Today we’re releasing PAT Trader 1.18.0 which has a brand new Risk Tool and a new MISO File Scraper.  The Risk Tool is a powerful […]
Today we’re releasing PAT Trader 1.16.0 with a brand new tool!  Now, you can use Shift Factor Analysis to make informed decisions in PJM’s ARR Allocation. Use it to […]
Instead of sending data to us with the old FTP, now you can use the Upload Button we added to each program… Faster, more reliable, more […]
If you are using PAT Trader in SPP, you need to grab a new file, which enables us to show Shift Factors on SPP Price […]
A few weeks ago we stopped using the WTHC file in favor of the TRN file. Thanks to this change, we were able to make […]
This PAT Trader release (version 1.13.0) has a lot. Normally we do a lot of small releases, but we kind of let things snowball and there […]
With batch mode, now you can automatically create reports by running a short script, saving you lots of time.  1/22/21 EDIT: We put it in […]
On December 21st, PJM made changes to their APC calculation method. We’ve incorporated these changes into today’s APC Reporter release. While most customers use this program as […]
Part of what makes PAS stand out is our quick response to customers.  With a constant river of suggestions on how to improve the program, […]
Now there is a place where you can pick a binding constraint and see all relevant information… LMP, Generation, Outage, Load Zone statistics, you name […]
Just in time for PJM’s December model release, we’ve added the PJM method to APC Reporter.  Now you can choose the PJM, SPP, or MISO […]
We’re releasing a new version of PAT Trader today and there are some HUGE changes.  1. The Congestion Tool was completely overhauled. 2. Automatic Hourly Topology:  When […]
Sure the APC Reporter is great for reporting & comparing PROMOD solutions, but its original purpose has always been calculating APC. For years, it worked in […]
In an effort to boost cyber-security and make it easier for you to get the latest versions of our products, we’ve integrated them with Microsoft […]
Now you can use the APC Reporter to see how your Hybrid Units performed in the latest PROMOD run!  Check it out:
Today we are releasing PAT 2.12.0 and APC Reporter 1.12.0 with a lot of small, boring changes.   PAT 2.12.0 APC 1.12.0 You guys were probably […]