This PAT Trader release (version 1.13.0) has a lot. Normally we do a lot of small releases, but we kind of let things snowball and there is a lot of new stuff in this release.

1. The Congestion Tool now has 5-minute Real-time capability.  
Now you can see 5-minute LMP over the course of a day. Click on an interval and PAT Trader will form the network topology for that instant in time, calculate Shift Factors and LODFs, and display the constraints and outages driving congestion LMP.  

2. MISO Mapping Improvements
We are using a new MISO file and it greatly improved mapping. The latest Help File shows which file you need and how to get it. You’ll need to save new PAT files. We are automatically mapping at least 95% of all MISO outages and constraints. 

3. MISO Current Outages are used in the Congestion Tool.
Since the MISO posts outage start dates for their Current Outages, we now include them in the DA and RT Congestion Tool analysis. This makes our network models much more accurate and reduces the difference between market posted congestion LMP and congestion LMP calculated with binding constraint’s shadow prices and shift factors. 

4. Run time speed and security improvements.
We are rewriting our entire code base, switching to C# and CORE. We noticed a substantial improvement in operating speed.  

5. Constraint LODFs for all branches, not just outages.
Thanks to a helpful suggestion, the Constraint Tool can display constraints’ LODFs for all branches, not just outages.